Inquiry-Oriented Differential Equations

What is Inquiry-Oriented Differential Equations?

Inquiry-Oriented Differential Equations (IODE) is a first course in differential equations focused on understanding of the big ideas in first order, second order, nonlinear, and systems of differential equations. The course is designed as a full semester course and topics covered include solving ODEs; numerical, analytic and graphical solution methods; solutions and spaces of solutions; linear systems; linearization; qualitative analysis of both ODEs and linear systems of ODEs; structures of solution spaces.

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What is Inquiry?

Our use of the term inquiry aspires to aligns with the four pillars of Inquiry Based Mathematics Education (IBME): students engage deeply with coherent and meaningful mathematical tasks, students collaboratively process mathematical ideas, instructors inquire into student thinking, and instructors foster equity in their design and facilitation choices. For further reading on these pillars see Laursen & Rasmussen (2019).

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How to Access the Materials

In this site you will find course materials, teacher materials, links to tools/technology, relevant projects, and publications, as well as, contact information for the IODE Team. For questions on how to cite the materials or information on the Creative Commons license for the materials see the Licensure & How to Cite tab.

To access the materials, which are protected content, please fill out this form [please use your school email for verification purposes]. Within 2-5 business days you will receive an email from the IODE Team with the password that protects the materials. However, we do provide three units as sample units to explore the design of the IODE materials that are not password protected; these can be found here.


This project was supported by the NSF DUE #1431641 and the original versions of the materials were supported under NSF CAREER #9875388. The opinions in this website and from the documents within are our own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

The IODE Team appreciates the many and varied contributions from Erna Yackel, Michelle Stephan, and Wei Ruan to the early development of the materials and William Hall for his work on the latter versions of the materials and previous versions of Java applets.


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